on January.

(Yo, I've decided to attempt at doing a monthly round up here on the blog for my own selfish reasons that I need to catalog a bit better our year for a year in review project. Here ya go.)

Last month felt like it lasted 8 weeks. It wasn't bad. In fact, there was a LOT of good. But it felt like we did so much that it couldn't only just be January - right?

We rang in the New Year with me sleeping in bed by 10:00 pm. That week I struggled to fall back into a routine post holiday, anyone else? I felt discombobulated and all over the place. Pilates has helped me really establish a bit of 'regular' ness into my week and that week in class, thanks to all the treats and over indulging, I made one-too-many weird grunting noises during our workout. #justbeinghonest.

That weekend I shot down to Grand Rapids to shop for a wedding dress with my sister. My mom & gram joined us and it was a whirlwind 24 hours that was a ton of fun. My sister found a gorgeous dress & I got to really settle into my role of 'married sister who is a maid of honor but really is just bossy and likes drinking champagne."

The following week I flew down to Florida with my Mom to help her get all settled in the condo for the next few months. Tons of funny mother-daughter time as we navigated the endless sea of Strip Mall USA to find what we needed. She's a dedicated workhorse to her writing, which was a good lesson for me in sitting down and doing the work- so we both got lots done, but I took a LOT of 'I'm going to go walk on the beach' breaks. ;) 

While in Florida we got word that Matt was going to have surgery the next week. This came as a surprise as we had it on our calendar for Feb. 24 but the doctor decided he wanted to operate earlier on Matt's hand. Now, as a planner, one who likes an organized calendar and having things way ahead in my mind, having the doctor tell us he wanted to operate in 5 days did not bode well for my ability to just 'go with the flow.' It wasn't like doc wanted to casually meet for dinner in town and could we make it? It was like, I'm gonna slice your hand open and remove a tumor in 5 days- hope your schedule can allow. 

And so, last Wednesday I made a LOT of friends at the hospital and we got everything taken care of. Matt couldn't drive until Sunday, so being a personal taxi service was funny / interesting. I had a brief moment when I dropped him at school on Friday morning and it cramped my daily schedule when I thought, "oh my god- I am going to be the worst mom ever one day- I am way too selfish for this shit." But I'm over that now because, I'll be a great mom someday because I'm fiercely loyal, loving & messy. I'll just need some time to figure out the whole 'I am a personal taxi driver thing. 

Saturday I was fortunate enough to be invited to speak at the Northern Michigan Small Farm Conference in Traverse City. I actually thought there would be like, 12 people at my session, to my surprise there were many many more. I was overwhelmed in the best way and got to tell our story, give some of my favorite growing tips, talk a lot about lavender & explain the whole idea behind our roadside flower stand. A big thank you to everyone who sat through the talk and didn't mind my weird pacing of the stage with mic in hand and upper lip sweat. 

I was whipped Saturday. It felt like we had been going non stop for 2 weeks - and when I woke up at 9:45 on Sunday morning my suspicions were confirmed. I needed the giant sleep and a day where we did really nothing except have Matt practice driving us to lunch. 

Oh January- we were socked with snow, it all melted, and now its back. The snowmobilers have not returned, which is nice. The farm is muddy and quiet and pretty ugly right now. I like it that way.  Its bitterly cold. The staircase & upstairs hallways are finally painted. Slow and steady on the home improvement game, which has been rewarding.

I posted on my Instagram stories the other day about what I have officially named, "The January Ass Drag" and I realized I am not alone. Although February is now here, I feel like these last 8 days especially it has been a literal CHORE getting my butt up in the morning. Yes Mom, I'm taking my vitamins and working out and eating healthy and all the things. I am not alone- I got tons of responses to my story and it seems all of us are just tired. It's probably the weather, no sunshine makes it tougher to function. BUT there is a silver lining beautiful people: its light out a LOT longer right now. I can start seeing outside around 7am! And in the evening its comfortably light out until like 6:20! This is a big deal! The darkness is behind us. Before we know it I'll be sweating out there planting lavender and designing blooms. Yay.



PS- Love someone? Live in or near Petoskey? We are selling flowers for Valentine's Day on Saturday February 11th at North Perk Coffee downtown. Drop on by and support your local female owned business. xo 



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