on joining the Stems Squad.

It seems like the calendar flipped and its go time for our 2017 season. I could not be more excited for what we have on tap. The brides we are working with have absolutely gorgeous ideas & we are still booking! Its going to be a fun one. 

As per usual, we are looking for people to join our team this season. We call them the 'Stems Squad.' Seriously, search the hashtag. 

Working for our small but mighty flower tribe is not easy, but it is fun. We work really hard. But we also play hard & treat our team like family. I ask that you give this serious thought before shooting me an email, not because I don't want you here- because we want only people who really want to be here to join us. 

Flowers are really really beautiful & making weddings happen is hard & rewarding work. So if you're ready for a summer filled with some of the most awesome work of your life- read on. Oh and yes- you do get free flowers. Like, lots. 

2017 Available Positions 

-Jill / Jack of all trades. This position is perfect for a college intern studying event management, hospitality, marketing, or event planning. You will be responsible for helping to coordinate The Gather Series, run small events here at the farm, help design for weddings & be able to be our 'on site' person for weddings when its required. You become a crucial part to our brand. Excellent 'people skills' and organizational abilities is a must here. Bonus points if you are strong on Social Media as we will be handing over some Farm social media responsibility. Valid driver's license, ability to stand for working hours & comfortable lifting 50 lbs required.   Must live commuting distance from Petoskey. References required. Attendance at our Team Retreat in the Spring is required for this position. 

-Floral Designers: You'll be in the studio weekly (beginning on Wednesday) to design all elements for our weddings each weekend. If you have an artistic eye, a love of beautiful things, or prior experience with flowers - this position is perfect for you. Aside from design work, you'll help pack all our flowers, load up each weekend, and be on site to install and style our floral elements. Valid driver's license, ability to stand for extended periods of time, comfortable lifting 50 lbs & positive attitude required. Must live commuting distance from Petoskey. References required. Attendance at our Team Retreat in the Spring is required for this position. 

-Install / Tear Down crew: We are looking for hard working people in the Traverse City, Leelanau Peninsula area who want to join our 'crew' to help us install & tear down on weekends. You'll meet us on site and help move things, lift things, and pack things up. This work happens on Saturdays & Sundays and is on an 'as needed' basis. Great for high school / college students who want to be on our 'list' we reach out to each week to see who wants the hours. References Required. 

-Farm Assist: This position is for someone who loves working outside and getting their hands dirty. Job varies from day to day but responsibilities will include: harvesting lavender, weeding, harvesting flowers, pruning, planting and assisting wherever we need help. Some days this is in the studio with processing and other days you get to be surrounded by a field of lavender. References Required. 

-Video/Photo Guru- Can you shoot / edit video & photo? We have some limited work available for someone who has their own video gear this spring / summer. This position requires me explaining a lot in person to you- so if you are even the slightest bit interested- drop me a line. 

If you're still reading I'm happy you might be interested. All of our positions require positive attitudes, seriously- mean nasty people- don't apply. We are hell bent on creating a magical experience for anyone who comes into contact with our brand, thats why customer service & hospitality rank so high for us. Please do not apply if you just want to have great instagram pics & take a million selfies with flowers--- all of that happens, but we work really hard first. People stop by the farm all the time & we rely on our Stems Squad to be able to provide a meaningful experience in those moments.  Hard work pays off. We can't wait to have you here this summer & be a part of our family. 

Interested? Want to know more? Ready to apply? drop me an email



PS- must be comfortable with big dogs who love cuddles. ;) 



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