on the snowmobile situation.

As some of you have probably heard / read already, this weekend we discovered that the lavender field had been used as a snowmobile spot for some people we do not know on Friday night. 

Matt and I are fiercely passionate about people getting out and enjoying all that Northern Michigan has to offer. Like, you know that. But I am not passionate about assholes. In fact, I really don't like them. 

And so, with my coffee in hand and sunglasses on and podcasts loaded, I hit the road on Saturday morning to wedding dress shop with my sister for the day in Grand Rapids.

And to what should my wondering eyes should appear--- freaking snowmobile tracks down the brand new driveway, and across the lavender field, chopping up some plants in the process. 

If it was a script it would have read like this:

(Kalin is driving van and singing along to the NPR chimes and feeling great about life, the sun is shining and the roads are actually dry.) (passes the new driveway) ((**slams on brakes**)) (((reverses van like a scary person))) ((*calls matt*)) ((yells profanities)): "THE SNOWMOBILES WENT OVER THE LAVENDER."

I called and talked to the police, they patched me over to the snowmobile patrol. I filed a complaint. They told me what I can and cannot do. Trail cams, pressing charges, ask for increased patrol, etc. I made friends with the Trooper and told him to visit us this summer. He told me to hang a no trespassing sign. 

Yes, the plants that are destroyed will be replaced. But I am not upset about the plants. Sure- I cried for like 40 minutes on my drive about how hard we worked and how pissed I was and all that. I even said out loud in the van, "I JUST HATE BULLIES" because somehow- this means these people on snowmobiles were bullies. But what upsets me the most- is feeling so violated.

I will not, ever, for the life of me, believe these people did not know this is private property- they used a freaking driveway to get down to the barn. And so- that is what hurt me the most, the total lack of care about someone else's space. I felt weirdly the same way as I did when my bike got stolen in Chicago. I was at swim practice and someone cut my lock, and drove away. I walked the 2 miles back to our apartment WEARING my bike helmet and crying. It wasn't the bike I was upset by. It isn't the plants. Its the feeling of having someone not care one single little bit about hurting you. Or taking what is yours. Its a lack of empathy. One of the hardest most mind boggling things to understand as humans. 

I wrote on Facebook that I wanted whoever did it to poop their snowsuit. That was my really polite facebook way of saying it. You should have heard me on the phone with Matt.

Meanwhile, Saint Matt spent most of the day putting up a bunch of t-posts, some wire, flagging tape and some no trespassing signs. Our message is now very very clear, and appears to be working- we returned from a Home Depot trip today to see that new tracks were there, and they had indeed turned around at the fence. Let's hope this keeps up. 

Even better news- it is going to be 50 degrees here at points this week- that means a lot of this snow pack will melt and stall this activity until we get dumped on again. 

Matt asked me how I would react if I caught them in the act. I explained that I've been reading a lot about confronting hostility with kindness and de-escalating situations. I firmly believe that if I see them, I'll just explain our story- I'll throw in a lot about taking risks, and not knowing a thing about farming, and how 65 people busted their asses on a June morning to plant all 3,000 of these plants, and the medicinal amazing parts about lavender, and I'll be honest in saying my feelings were hurt. 

And they will apologize. And turn their sleds around and zoom off on the 6500 miles of trails we have for them in this state, not other people's property. And they'll come to The Gather Series this summer because I'll be their friend and I'll tell the story over wine and we'll all laugh and drink wine and eat good food. 

And if not- I'll just keeping hoping that the fence does its trick and somewhere out there someone reading this blog knows the people who are using a farm on Resort Pike to cut across to town easier, and they'll show this blog to their snowmo friend and say "I think this is you!" "this girl is pissed!"  and to you I say --- please stop. And come this summer and see what its all about. Thanks.

Peace. Love & Lavender. Always.