on sarah & drew.

I had dinner with a friend the other night. She's an amazing human. She's a wedding photographer & artist & all around badass. We talked at LENGTH about how happy wedding photos make us that show the bride & groom and how freaking happy they are on their wedding day. Sarah & Drew are happy. Like, want to jump out of your skin happy. The kind of happy you feel when you roll the windows down and drive in your first car away from school on the last day of the year. The kind of happy when you wake up the first morning of vacation. The kind of happy when your dog is by your side all day. The kind of happy when your absolute favorite song comes on the radio at the exact moment you need it to. Sarah & Drew are all of that and more. Their day was a rainy one, but their bright souls and smiles and flowers couldn't cast a cloud. 

Sarah & Drew, designing for you was a true dream. Thank you thank you for believing in us, trusting us & most importantly, thank you for being so freaking happy. 

Photography by: O'Malley King Photography

Planning / Coordination : Melissa Mathis, Forever and A Day Events

Venue : Stafford's Perry Hotel

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