on connection.

One of the most interesting & different things about my life this year, has been the incredible connection I've sought out, found  & continue to work at- with people. 

Let me start this by saying I have absolutely no idea how this happened. I don't know what changed, or how I made it a priority. But, somewhere along the last 12 months, I made it my job, subconsciously, so seek out relationships, and time spent with people, that is meaningful to me. 

We got back on Sunday night from a whirlwind 26 hours downstate. Celebrating my sister and her fiance at their engagement party was a ton of fun. I ADORE seeing all my family & friends. The drive downstate is not cute, I'm usually drooling into a balled up jacket under my head the entire way, but the connection I find when I see people I love, is the freaking best. But I've learned, this connection, that meaningful exchange, one of the best parts is that it can be with people who have known you since the day you were born, and people you just met. 

About a month ago- a friend of mine invited me to spend the night at her new B&B. She wanted to have a little brainstorming session on branding, marketing, client experience & get into it all. After a couple of hours, 3 other women who she knows stopped by for dinner. She had told me how she had hand selected this group to come together because she knew it would be magical. Lee is such a badass that a couple of the women who came, SHE HAD NEVER REALLY MET she just knew. Small town living is really good for knowing people you want to be friends with before you even meet because everyone in town starts sentences like this, "you know who you really need to meet is....." 

And so, under a covered porch, in an epic rainstorm, at a candlelight table, the wine flowed and a bunch of women who never knew each other but 'knew OF each other' hashed it out for 4 hours. We all are farmhers. We all own a small business. We all like food & wine & the rest is sort of history. Connection. I woke up the next morning in my perfect room at Fieldguide Farmhouse looking at the lake & thinking, my heart is full. Connection. 

I found myself sitting on Dina's back deck for 20 minutes after the engagement party this weekend, La Croix in hand, the four of us just chatting. I could have sat there all night. Connection. 

We had plans for a camping trip this fall with friends, that I dropped the ball on due to scheduling, so Saturday night we pulled in their driveway with a pizza and sat at their kitchen table for 4 hours talking nonstop.  Connection.

I think something happens when you get into your late 20's & early 30's. You really stop giving a damn what other people think. There is NO mask. I've always disliked fake bs. Maybe what I'm finding most right now is that the connection I'm finding with others, is real. These relationships are genuine. No one is trying to impress anyone else.

But still, the rat race exists. I've just distanced myself from people who really care about that stuff. Like, if I roll up in my used, old, silver minivan wearing solarshields over my sunglasses with a top knot and listening to country music, and you somehow have the audacity to think that isn't cool or that I'm soooooo like broke, or its so 'cute' that we have older things. Then  kindly piss off.  

Surround yourself with people who would love you if they were blind to it all. People who you connect with over food, wine, candles on the table, conversation. People who work hard. People who have failed. People who will admit they've failed. People who are vulnerable. People who are real. 

Alright, if you're still reading- a few orders of business. My friend Lee, who I wrote about earlier in this post, we are SO excited to be hosting a wreath making workshop at her place in December. A few of you have mentioned you can't make it to the two we have here at Sweetwater in November, I highly recommend joining us at that one. No, I am not getting paid to endorse this project. I just freaking believe in her, and her spot is AMAZING. So--- if you want to cozy up around the fireplace at Fieldguide Farmhouse and make a wreath, join us. More of the details are on Lee's website, including a link to register. Plus, if you want to watch a dream grow, follow her on instagram @FieldguideFarmhouse .

Next order of business- IF YOU DO plan on joining us for Wreath Making here at the farm, act fast. We have 3 seats left for Sunday and just a few for Saturday. I am so happy with the positive response to this event, I've also become weirdly obsessed with little prizes to giveaway because I oddly love a good 'drawing' so- see you at the table. REGISTER HERE. 

Final order of business: There are plans floating around for a winter edition of The Gather Series, a couple different workshops & a floral class around Valentine's Day. Nothing is set in stone, but if youre willing to provide feedback, I would love to hear about any sort of idea or craving you have for an event! OR if you read this and want to collaborate- drop me a line.









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