on The Gather Series - September

The final edition of The Gather Series happened a few weeks ago. It's taken me this long to really put the words down about what this event has meant to us this summer. Our September edition was cold, beautiful, intimate & delicious. 

Kelly of Serradella Vintage, Brian and Anne of Bear Creek Organic Farm, Patrick and Erick at Brys Estate Vineyard and Winery, Stephanie and Jonathan of S2S Sunrise to Sunset Events, and Courtney and Mike of The Compass Points Here all made the night possible, so we aren't going any further in this blog post without giving them credit. 

From the wine to start to the poached pears to finish the entire meal was magical. I never thought TGS would take off this way. Initially, I imagined it being something that had more faults. More things to change. Are there changes we need to make next year? Absolutely. But there are also a lot of elements that will remain untouched. Like the fact that our vendors get to join the dinner. That is SUCH a central part of this event. Or the fact that we give away a lot of seats to people who find us, read the blog and reach out. That iss another factor that brings the magic. When people are invested, when they want to be there- its good vibes.

The Gather Series is the perfect snapshot of what Matt and I dream of this farm becoming. A place where people can get together, share food, wine & connection and the backdrop is beautiful. 

Someone asked me the other day why we don't just eat the dinner up closer to our house, off the back porch. My answer is that when you are in field, with nothing around you, it takes you out of your element. There is nothing to distract you from the moment. 

Without further ado, below are some snaps from our final edition of The Gather Series for 2016. Yesterday I officially took down the setup and everything is now in storage. The reception yard is back to just being a really kick ass place to play yard games with your friends. 

Have the best day. Now go host a dinner party! 





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