Stephanie and Adam

Stephanie & Adam's wedding day, like so many this summer, was the stuff that dreams are made of. One thing I ADORE about Stephanie, is that she is totally 100% herself. Girl loves her animals & wine (this is why we are now real life friends) so she went and found her favorite winery, and got married at their working farm. Both Stephanie and Adam's families are big time into love and celebrating, so this was a really fun one to design for. We went crazy with size & drama on bouquets, garland swags, that arbor installation & wine barrel creations. A color theme that was soft, romantic, with the tiniest hints of yellows and oranges brought the entire day together seamlessly. 

These photos from Sarah Kossuch are swoon worthy. Black Star Farms always provides a space that is unmatched in beauty, class & fun. A big thank you to Stephanie's family for giving us complete trust in the flower process, and for being some of the most kind & genuine people we've ever worked with. 

A few notes here: Stephanie may be the first bride ever to convince me that black bridesmaids dresses - YES. I actually cannot handle the photo of her in the car with her bouquet as her and her dad are driven up to the ceremony spot (I cry every time I see it).