on july. and a 40 person week.

So long July. You were marked with fireworks, a music festival, a crumpled garage door, an amazing edition of The Gather Series, new friends, and 4 gorgeous weddings. 

One thing I am proud of about July is that I swam a lot. For some reason I cannot explain swimming in the summer is really important to me. Like, I should create a rule that for every time during the winter I look at the water and wish I could swim, that is one time I HAVE to swim in the summer. Whatevs. 

Last week something insane happened, I can't really explain it, but we had 40 people at the farm but we didn't host an event. It was crazy. I felt like every hour there was a new car pulling in the driveway and I was running out to greet a new friend. We had new brides, old brides, people who are thinking about being our brides, instagram friends, strangers, new employees, old employees, volunteers, lavender lovers, flower lovers, family from far away, friends from far away, you name it, they showed up here last week. 

It's REALLY easy to stay locked up in your house all day. (Trust me, I do it in the winter.) But you've got to get out. You've got to open your door. You've got to stop worrying about the piles of crap everywhere and just go with it. Stop being scared of people. (post on that coming soon, because I met a girl on the Internet and she lived with us for 4 days in July and it was awesome.)

What I love most about these visits is hearing people tell me what they are up to. How they met, what they do, where they are headed next. It's a constant reminder of the crazy revolving door we are all in each day. 

You don't buy a farm and turn it into an events venue and NOT want people to come and see it. You don't design flowers for weddings and NOT want brides to come into your studio. Whatever your gift, or talent, or passion is - share it with people. 

I also need to publicly thank the Stems Squad. Our team of ladies who process, design, install, tear down and in general create flower power magic all summer with us. July would have killed me if it wasn't for them. They make me laugh so hard I cry, but they also just get it. They get that flowers are really glamorous for 10 seconds out of the 14 hour days. They get that sometimes I need to just go in the house for 20 minutes and have some hummus and not answer one more question. They get that we strive for perfection, attention to detail, that our clients come first. They are amazing women, that I am proud to know. I'm honored they picked this little tribe to be a part of during the precious and limited days in summer. 

August is here and with it will come a wedding anniversary, another edition of The Gather Series, a giant dumpster for barn crap, a new school for Matt & 4 really really special weddings, including the big day for our two dear friends. 

I cannot wait to share with you celebrations, dinners, barn cleanouts, general life musings & probably a mushy anniversary post this month.

See you on Instagram most often, and here when I get a chance, and at the farm if I'm really lucky. :)  

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