on Mollee and Zach

Mollee and her mom came to me this winter with visions of a botanical, bohemian, garden inspired celebration. I fell in love with both of them immediately. Their kindness, trust in the creative process & ultimately their bond as mother and daughter was a joy to be around. 

Mollee is a stunning bride, but perhaps what I love the most about her and Zach's big day is that it was totally them. It was unique, it was different, it was beautiful. 

From their hand tying ceremony to the dream catchers floating in the willow tree above their ceremony site, we knew that florals had to be different. 

We added in pops of white to offset and soften the berry a bit, but it was berry and green all the way and we couldn't have loved it more. 

Cheers to Mollee and Zach and a lifetime of happiness. 


Kalin SheickComment