on the week of planting party.

When my boob was out I thought we might be in over our heads. I was on my hands and knees crawling along landscape fabric cutting each of the roughly 3,000 dots we spray painted with a utility knife. 

An X marks the spot for planting this Saturday. And my uncoordinated slice, slice, crawl, crawl, drop to an elbow routine had left my right breast a bit exposed. I tucked it back in and wiped away a tear. We are so in over our heads. 

In January I wanted to plant 2 acres. Um okay, Kalin. Thank goodness for Matt who keeps me somewhat on this planet at times it reaches an 'out of this world' proportion. 

The holes are all sliced. Thanks to my sister and her fiance and Matt and the Mexican place around the corner, sometimes those chips & salsa is all that gets me through the next project. 

But then! Today! We are having some pretty steady 30 MPH winds today. One of the rows of fabric decided it wanted to fly. So I was standing on it in the middle, like a magic carpet, by myself. Suddenly, Mother Nature pulled the rug out from underneath me (literally) and I fell straight on my back, knocking the wind out of me. As I lay there watching the fabric blow away again I almost HEARD Mother Nature laughing, as to say 'remember who is in charge here, lady with her boob out, pretending to be a farmer," 

I called Egan sobbing "I KEEP FALLLINNNGGG *sniff sniff* I CANT DO THIS" her and Bob were there 10 minutes later and we fixed it all. 

I have a habit that when I'm sucking at every single farm project, I need to go do one silly thing I know I can do well. So I came inside and answered some client emails, painted a sign for the party & cuddled Maple. Three things I'm pretty good at. All were successful. 

Amazingly, things are getting crossed off the list. The party will be awesome. The plants come Thursday. I track their UPS number every 2 seconds, texting Matt things like  'everyone made it safely to Louisville!!!!" We have a gorgeous wedding this weekend too. I cannot wait to design that stuff. Again, stuff I know I'm good at. I can make one kickass bridal bouquet for these girls who I fall in love with, but Kalin vs. Farm is one battle I will continue to fight for a while. 

See you Saturday.



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