on the good, the bad & the ugly - right now.

Good: It seems as though the cutting garden is going to explode this summer. Fingers crossed, but I am fully confident I many be smart enough to grow zinnias without major issue (insert sarcasm here, zinnias are like, so easy its ridiculous). Other than that Dahlias, sweet peas, sunflowers, are all looking mighty fine. I'm so happy I could cry. Farming is tough ass work so I cry a lot people, a LOT. 

Good: Um, did you see this blog post from our amazing friends Courtney & Mike at The Compass Points Here? I ugly sobbed. Hot, salty, giant, bubbly tears cut a path through my sunscreen. Its everything and more to me right now. In the tough moments, I look up this post because it visually explains everything I want for Sweetwater and everything I believe in. The end. 

Good (read: saintly): my husband. Don't ask me how but I convinced someone to marry me who can handle me saying things like "I can't realllly explain how this is going to look but trust me, its totally worth climbing on a 20 ft ladder and let's just wing it" I could not do this without Matt. He always says "yeah you could" but I really couldn't, He believes in the flower dream, our lavender dream & our life dreams on the days I can't muster any belief. He is the yin to my yang. Even when I am dramatically trying to give him the silent treatment as we stomp around Mackinac Island because we are in a small tiff about birch trees, he is my yin. I love you babe. 

 Bad: watering the lavender. Want to really kickass on your fitbit this week? Come on over! We've got an acre of lavender to water & a million hoses to wrangle & its hysterical to watch. Our initial irrigation plan with the field did not go as planned (does ANYTHING when you own a farm?) so we are making do. Lavender only needs regular watering the first month of its life, so July 11 will be a VERY happy day here. 

Bad: my ability to be in touch with my friends right now. Hi everyone, its me Kalin, leave a message. I promise I will return to all of you in November. 

Bad: I am not taking enough time off. I, the preacher of self care. I am struggling to step fully away from all my roles right now and if I don't nip this in the bud right now August and September are gonna be nasty. I'm writing this to those of you who read because it will hold me accountable. 4th of July weekend I am not designing one bloom, answering one email, or worrying for a hot second about a wedding. 

Ugly: the 'Kalin' basket. We have two baskets on the counter. Matt & Kalin. When your basket is full of mail, stuff you left around, empty it and deal with your shit. I would attach a photo of my basket right now, but you would make that noise you make when you launch 'camera' on your iphone and you're looking down and it launches facing you. You KNOW THAT NOISE. 

Ugly: haters. Dear people who are not sending good vibes to me and instead wishing for me to fail or 'dont really get' this whole thing. Please stop blanketing yourself in ugly energy. I am sending you love. Better yet- unfriend me. Please. If you follow this, or the facebook, or instagram & instead just send nasty energy when you see things, thats ugly. I do not follow people I cannot say nice things about. Your vibe attracts your tribe! 

Ugly: my favorite denim button down. It has been officially retired. It is now shapeless, stained, worn out & horribly gross. Thank you Old Savey for providing me the best t. The one that defined our brand. 

Until next time,

Yours in lavender,


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