on the 'field of dreams.'

The summer camp that Matt and I met at as staff members has a tradition each night before bed. Its called 'taps talk.' After taps is played each night, many cabin groups go around and all the campers & counselors talk about their favorite part of the day. 

Sunday night, Matt and I had a glass of wine outside under our lights in the backyard and had a taps talk. We recounted the planting party down to every little detail. It was sort of like the morning after your wedding, when you lay around talking about how fun it is for hours. "Oh my gosh you know what I just remembered!!!!" is a really popular sentence at our house today.

The Planting Party was a wild success my friends. The first plant went in the ground at 9:47 am and the last plant at 1:23 pm. We were blown away by the speed, efficiency, work ethic & general fun and hilarity from our friends and family who were there.

50 people exactly made the journey. Some from far away (Philly crew represent) others from nearby (just a few houses down) but all had the same goal, helping us. Which is why I probably was so weirdly emotional when it ended. 

I was weepy all day Sunday. Humbled. Overwhelmed. The generosity of our tribe is unmatched. I cannot tell you how many people helped in more ways than just planting. Saving canopy tents in a severe thunderstorm at 11pm the night before, bringing food, taking photos, lending power tools. 

'It takes a village' has never rang more true for me. 

The field is planted. Our "field of dreams" a friend called it this morning. She's right. I keep walking out there (kicked ass on fitbit this weekend, in case you were wondering) and just looking at it all, staring at all the plants, tucked in their spots. 

This journey is really just rounding first base, but it finally seems to feel real. After months and months of prep work, research, mistakes, late nights, service calls, shipping drama & a lot of 'what the hell are we doing' moments, it finally is time to get moving. 

Grow little plants grow. 

There is SO much more to come from this day. But I wanted to say thank you. Thanks to those of you who gave up your Saturday morning for back-breaking manual labor & for those that couldn't be there, the texts, voicemails & love you sent did not go unnoticed. I still owe so many of you a response!

Saturday night after we had planted, cleaned up, watered, showered & things calmed down a bit, I had a glass of champagne and played yard games with some of the greatest souls I know. With golden hour illuminating the farm perfectly, a sweet tune on the mandolin being strummed in the background & friends laughing, I honestly thought to myself, "I cannot remember the last time I had a moment so perfect." It was everything I've ever dreamed of for the farm. Simple, authentic moments that you will never forget. It was the exact moment that all the insanity, stress & change from this move/general life shakeup melted away for good. 

Matt & I don't know exactly where 3,000 lavender plants will take us, but I'm confident it'll just be another really beautiful, great smelling chapter in our story. 


PS- thanks to our friend Greg Presley for these snaps! 

SO many faces we love & lots more not present for photo who also stopped by. Thank you! 

SO many faces we love & lots more not present for photo who also stopped by. Thank you! 

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