on a little bit of everything.

May happened. And holy smokes did it happen fast. 

All winter long it feels as if it'll never happen. The trees will never bloom. The lilacs will never bud open. The grass will never show its face again. Wedding season will never arrive. 

I sometimes feel like I spend all winter dreaming, and then I wake up.

The dreams are now reality. 

Every morning coffee. Its the first thing I think of when my eyes open. I listen to the pot bubble downstairs and I come down in my undies and giant tshirt and let Maple out and pour a cup of liquid gold. 

I answer emails in my giant t shirt & slippers while I enjoy the first cup. Savoring every little bit. I wince at my inbox. Wishing so often there could be no emails, just creative time with flowers and showing up to all the events. But the emails make the weddings happen. 

I tend to put the cart before the horse, I think its a subconscious way of always putting the pressure on myself to deliver. I LOVE deadlines. So planting our entire cutting garden with no water source out there was totally a classic Kalin. So every morning I get a couple thousand steps walking water back and forth through the dewy grass. Zinnias, dahlias, cosmos, sunflowers, snapdragons, I can't wait to see it all. A cutting garden is a lesson in patience. I find myself staring at the dahlia row every day trying to see if I've missed some shoots or sprouts, but no, I must wait a few weeks. Patience. 

Another cart before the horse moment? This entire lavender project. Last night while Matt, Taylor and I rolled landscaping fabric I all of the sudden had an epic realization, "what if this doesn't work?!" Matt calmly reassured me that if all the lavender dies or a tornado touches down and destroys our field, we will be sad for a few days, and life will go on. 

But it will work. I sort of just know it. I can't explain how or why or what inside me came up with all this craziness but I'm just going with the flow. 

The last few weeks have been jammed with client meetings, last minute proposal tweaks, orders, designing and even planning some 2017 beautiful moments. Perhaps my favorite moment of all is when Matt and I sat outside on Memorial Day drinking wine in the yard under the bistro lights until midnight and we realized how lucky we are and how hard we've worked to make this place enjoyable to sit outside and drink wine. :) 

Work hard play hard my friends. The farm is so stinking beautiful right now I feel like I am living my dream every moment. Even the moments when the cart comes before the horse. Love the madness I say. Come over and have a glass of wine with us sometime. See you June 11? 


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