on moms.

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and its one of my favorite holidays of the year. 

I'm not a mom to humans. Just a puppy mama. But there is something so simple and beautiful about Mother's Day. 

I write a LOT about my mom. I think its because she's such a badass. She did not have it easy with me as a young one... between my horrible performance in school as a student to my flair for the dramatic in every moment of my life she never was one to say "Kalin was SUCH AN EASY KID." But she still loved me unconditionally. 

This summer she's publishing her first novel, you should totally read it. I wouldn't tell you to if I didn't think it was worth your time but its a novel in short stories about a girl growing up. The stories all take place during summers of her life. The book is called "Invincible Summers" and its really magical. If you live in Michigan you should go see my amazing mom at one of her bookstore readings. Read all about my mom and her book and her journey right here. 

Aside from being an amazing writer, my mom is the keeper of our family. Without her we probably would have all perished decades ago. And even though I'm nearing my 28th year on this planet, she still nags me. Lovingly. But she still tells me on the phone I need more vegetables or that she wants me to get more sleep. Especially when I'm crying. She goes into mega mom mode, the mode where you're still 7 years old and having a nosebleed because your sister pushed you down on the driveway. I'm so grateful for her. This last year we went on the trip of a lifetime to a writing workshop in Tuscany which changed my life forever, and I never would have been able to go/thought of even going without her. She's there when I need someone to cook me dinner & help me decide where the couch should go in the living room, and she's also there to tell me I'm being selfish or bring me back down to this planet when I need it. I love you mom. Keep being you. 

A lot of people don't have their mom around to celebrate on this day. Illness, accidents, horrible things... they can steal people away when we still want them. We still need them. On Mother's Day I always think of my friends who don't have their moms. 

Some people don't have a relationship with their mom. Substance abuse, neglect, the demons that we all fight in one way or another, they fray relationships.... on this day I always hope those who have tumultuous relationships with their moms can find a bit of peace. I'm thinking of you. 

I only recently started thinking about what a bitch Mother's Day must be for women who desperately want to be moms but can't. So so so many women struggle with infertility and on the day when my facebook feed blows up with handmade cards / breakfast in bed / crafts made by little hands, I think it must be a particularly heartbreaking time for any woman who feels her body is turning against her. I'm thinking of you too. 

And so this week we will be celebrating moms of all kinds. I feel like all women are moms in a way, whether to animals, plants, people, ideas, projects, groups of friends. Celebrate a woman in your life this week who loves you unconditionally and makes you feel better when you feel crappy. That is a mom. 

Happy Mother's Day to all of you. 

P.S. This Friday / Saturday we are selling flowers at North Perk Coffee in Petoskey. Moms love flowers, and cookies, and coffee and when you stop in you can grab all of those for her. xo