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I cannot believe April is almost over. I suspect that is how I will feel until December, so buckle up my friends. I also cannot get that stupid song out of my head by Rihanna, hence the blog post title. 

SPRING HAS SPRUNG, I've cut daffodils, raked beds & all our vases & vessels for our beautiful brides & grooms have started arriving. 

This last weekend our crazy camp friends all visited the farm for a 'work weekend.' Whenever its after 10pm and I try to write this blog post I cry because I'm tired & so grateful for their help. Weekends are sacred, and the fact that we have people who want to drive 5+ hours to come and rip our barbed wire fences during their sacred time speaks volumes about our friends.  So mega big thank you to Jessa Craig and Mark. 

The studio is taking shape. I'm weirdly obsessed with the fact that its in this cold, wood shake addition to the barn. When we bought the farm you couldn't walk in the room & tonight, our first floral delivery will happen there. Eeks!

Oh- we got a minivan. I cried when the nice lady who bought the Subaru drove away. I loved that damn car. But Goldie was definitely past her golden years & as we learned last season, not fit to haul thousands of flowers every weekend. We are in love with our van. Still working on a name, but Silver Bullet seems to be sticking quite well. I keep trying to flash peace to people (something I love to do on the road), or give them 'hang loose' when they pass me, but people don't really know how to react when it comes from a lady in a minivan wearing solar shields. Oh well.

We are floralizing for a styled shoot this weekend that I am SO excited about. A really awesome group of vendors is coming together for this one & I cannot wait to share some images with you. We also have a goal of turning earth on the cutting garden this weekend. Cross your fingers. Lots of little projects & lots and lots of good vibes needed.

Sending you love wherever this note finds you.



OH PS- If you want an invite to the Lavender Planting Party just respond to this email and I'll hit you up. :) 


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