on things I'm into right now.

Every so often I love reading blog posts where these really polished and "put together" blogs list things they are 'loving right now.' 

As today is our first really 'Spring like' day here in Petoskey I am in a chipper Charlie mood. When I woke up I could literally hear birds singing. SO so nice.

I've put together a little list of things I am definitely crushing on right now. It's a hodge podge of people I love, products I believe in, self care routines I've fallen in love with, and just plain ideas about life. 

Let me know in the comments what else I should be listing here! Also- I am really passionate about promoting other boss ladies (boys welcome as well) who are creating products, services, or brands that are awesome. If you or someone you know is interested in a blog shout out just drop me a line here: kalinsheick(at)gmail(dot)com and I'll get back to you. This isn't a sponsored thing but something I just sort of want to 'pay forward.' We have developed quite the loyal blog following here and I would love to get your product (if I believe in it) out there to the masses.

Okay, Jesus, I know- get to the list. 

"Tumeric Lattes"- unless you've been living under a rock recently, chances are you've read about Tumeric. I cannot believe how good this stuff is for you. It's been called one of the 10 best things you can put in your body. It's proven to fight pain. It's a little miracle spice I tell ya. I've been getting into a daily treat of my 'Tumeric Latte.' There are a million recipes out there, it's sometimes called "Golden Milk." I basically heat up some almond milk, stir in some tumeric, ground ginger, a pinch of salt (tiniest little pinch ever), nutmeg and coconut oil (tinest amount ever again). Heat until its frothy and perfect and enjoy. Seriously. 

Caring about what I'm putting on my face. I've been pretty freaked out lately about the chemicals in makeup, sunscreens, lotions and general face and body products. I try really hard to watch what I'm putting in my body so why am I not working as hard to think about what I'm putting ON my body. Um, hello!? I've been obsessed with reading about Beautycounter lately and plan to gradually switch over all my makeups and products in the next few months. 

Tablescapes on a dime. Can this be a show? I swear my friend, I could spend every day of my life creating $30 tables.  Nothing says party like a set table, get creative and check the clearance sections of your local craft store. You won't regret it. 

Floret. So I've been a superfan of Erin's company for the past 3 years but in February she absolutely hit it out of the park. Her blog was like opening a Christmas present every day for flower farmers. Erin's passion and commitment to educating people who love flowers as much as she does inspires me daily. 

Sleeping. Like. A lot. Holy amazing. If you're ever having 'a day.' I seriously suggest you go to sleep early. I've been sleeping a solid 9 hours most nights and I feel as though I'm floating on a cloud with angels playing the harp. Bliss. 

LOST. I am semi embarassed to write this one. Matt and I are absolutely hooked on a primetime show that aired 12 years ago. But I cannot deny the hold that LOST has on us right now. Sigh. 

Spring. GIVE ME ALL THE TULIPS and bunnies and birds and sunshine and daffodils. Holy moly I love Spring. I've forgotten how nice it is to walk outside without a a jacket. What a beautiful time of the year. 

Dating my husband. Matt and I have been working really hard to set aside 'date nights.' Especially as we get into Baseball season its imperative we make quality time together. It doesn't make itself and it's really easy to fall into a routine where most of our communication is via text. Date night helps. We both put our phones away, make a meal, or go out & talk- face to face. It's awesome. 


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