on brunch & march wrap up.

Oh March, you have such a way of messing with minds. Whether your basketball team lost unexpectedly or you randomly got 15 inches of snow in 24 hours when you had already raked a flower bed, March seems to really just be a cluster each year.

We kicked off the month with a quick trip to Florida. LOTS of family time, which I am weirdly obsessed with, lots of food, wine and general merriment. It felt so good to see my mom and dad, hang with my sibs & feel the sunshine on my face. Highlights definitely included the fact that we found a blow up "Free Willy" killer whale float and played with it in the pool for 2 hours. #children

March chugged along with warmer than expected temperatures, and we made some ridiculous progress outside. We sold all the old rusty farm equipment that was being used as 'driveway charm.' We took down a few dead trees, cut some firewood. Donated the Koi fish from the pond to a couple different families and did a lot of pruning and trimming. There is even more of that ahead this next few weekends. 

I met with some amazing brides this month, the celebrations we have on tap this summer are so different and fall in so many places on the scale of design and have such different styles and trends, it'll be a challenging & fulfilling season. I've also experienced some changes in our schedule, as one of my brides realized she wasn't planning her wedding, but someone elses, she did a LOT of soul searching and realized that something more small and intimate in a different location was what her heart was calling for. I am so proud of her. 

This past weekend we drove downstate to see so many people we love. Our best friends hosted everyone for an impromptu brunch and it was perfect. I cornered Matt at one point during the party and whispered in a serious tone, "we need to host more brunch parties!" 

There was no shortage of best friends, champagne, bagels with lox & laughter. Double bonus, there was the cutest baby ever, so we all passed my godchild around like a new Christmas present. 

I firmly believe the world needs more brunch parties. No, not the brunch that you go out to. The brunch at a friends house. Where everyone is fresh, relaxed and enjoying the sunshine. There is just something about a party to start the day. You open your eyes, and a few moments later you're celebrating, and the rest of your day takes a celebratory turn as well. Even grocery shopping or errands later that day seem more fun. Why do we wait so often to fill up our love tank/friend quotient/celebration craving until the sun sets? I'm vowing for more brunch. Double triple bonus: your evening is free. You don't feel like you've 'wasted a night' by just wearing yoga pants and laying on the couch because you were social this morning! Remember!? 

Oh Brunch. Oh March. Oh Spring. 

Oh friend. Thank you so much for reading. 





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