on being me.

There are rare moments in my day to day life, maybe once a month, where I seriously wish I had become an accountant. 

I think of people with really hard and fast jobs, that require a serious skill set, that give a LOT to the world, lawyers, doctors, heck- this time of year accountants, people who write our laws, people who develop communities, and run cities. People who manage databases, or protect internet security. People who run banks, or manage big venues. 

That's a real certain skill set. I mean, I had to use google calculator today to figure out what twenty percent of 13,000 is. But accountants? Lawyers? Doctors? In my mind, they just know that stuff. 

These moments flash before me when I feel most overwhelmed. This isn't to say these people aren't stressed or overwhelmed. But in my mind, my Kalin brain, you know if I was an accountant? I would totally have my s*** together. 

But instead, I failed high school math twice, love google calculator, and have been blessed with a brain that functions a bit differently.

I have, no joke, 11 weird programs, creative ideas, collaborations, ticketed events, production ideas swirling in my head right now. One of them is a dinner party series this summer, the other a team retreat, one involves turning old wood in our barn into harvest tables. And when Matt and I ate tacos for dinner last night, I was talking so fast, my hands flying so freely, salsa was literally shooting out all over our booth. 

"Its in your scarf" he said.

"I know but I have to just finish explaining this to you!" 

Oh the creative mind. 

I am a firm believer we are all creatives. But I also firmly believe that some of us, are just hardwired to look around us and continually be inspired and scheming up little things in our head. 

I'm lucky to come from a very creative family. One where many of my childhood memories involve music, loud live music and traveling and cooking and movies and art in various forms. And I think that's where it started. I saw people, a lot of people, making a life doing these uniquely creative things. Telling stories, and writing music and being their weird selves. 

Where I am really trying to focus my attention right now, is taking these millions of ideas, and streamlining them. Putting them on paper, creating a plan, executing them with the business in mind. Because, you can't one day send kids to college on harvest tables made from scrap wood my friend. But you can, if you play it all right and work your ass off, create a brand that people want to be a part of. That connects with them. Makes them feel good. Makes them appreciate place and people and the food & drink that are in it. Makes them remember what is important in life. 

And so, I'll send out my taxes to have them prepared by someone who is a master at that kind of stuff. And i'll stick to the brainstorming and flying salsa and laying in bed at night with ideas swirling into my head like the snow outside. 

I like it this way. 

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