on self care

It took me a long time to realize that saying no is okay to things sometimes. 

To realize that  you are are pretty much worthless when you're run down and spread too thin.

To understand that the world will keep spinning if plans change. 

This upcoming weekend we had plans to entertain friends of ours from downstate. I was ecstatic. These are camp friends. (that's an entirely different post one day) We were going to do work on the barn, take them on a big tour of town, have a dinner party, the entire shebang. 

And then, on Monday, I woke up and knew it couldn't happen. I just had a feeling. Too much. 

And you know what I did? Instead off making myself sick over it, or doing it because I felt like I had to. I simply reached out to our friends, and explained what was going on. And you know what they said? We totally get it and are feeling the exact same way. 

Now there are factors here that make this a bit easier than some situations, our friends were driving here, bringing there dogs, there is no airplanes or kids or babysitting situations arranged. No hotel rooms or reservations. And so it was. The weekend made a bit more simple, and now, with our rescheduled weekend in April I am oh so excited about seeing our friends then, and being ready for their visit. 

Last night Matt got home to every light in the house on, the dog chewing a bone in the living room unattended... me upstairs... in our bed, lights all on, phone in hand, glasses on, dead asleep. 

I woke up at 4am and realized someone (gasp! who!?) had taken my glasses and phone and set them on the nightstand, turned off the light and tossed the blankie on me. The man I suspect did it is the one who was dead asleep next to me. I hadn't moved. In 8 hours. I clicked my phone to check the time and saw I had been typing a text message to a friend when my body decided enough was enough yesterday. 

It literally said "I have no shame in admitting I love grocery store....." 


TULIPS. People the answer is tulips. (bought some today- still no shame.) 

Remember to take care of yourself, and when that happens you can take care of all the other stuff on your plate. But you're worthless without feeling good. 

The plan this weekend is lunch with friends on Saturday. Lunch. Thats it. Sunday I want to snowshoe, and watch Mrs. Doubtfire. Again. That's it. Self care is not selfish. And when you can, treat yourself kindly. Your attitude will thank you. 

Real quick before you go, here is a rapid fire list of things I do for ME when I'm feeling like I need it: paint my nails, nap, essential oils, read a magazine, make a cup of tea, pour a glass of wine, read my cookbooks, write a letter, take a bath, light a candle, braid my hair in a cool braid and pretend I'm Katniss Everdeen, silence my phone, water my houseplants...... 

Go treat yourself this weekend my friend, I cannot wait to hear how good you feel!

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