on 2017.

If you've been with me on this corner of the internet for a while, you know that each year around this time I come up with my new mantra for myself. I'm not one for resolutions, but I am one for anchoring myself throughout a new trip around the sun with a phrase that rings true to me. 

In 2015, the year we started the business, my mantra was 'create recklessly.' It was a year where I challenged my creativity non-stop, in everything I did, even when something didn't 'seem' creative- I dove in deeper to make it weird. 

In 2016, my mantra was "no disclaimers."  I was sick and tired of explaining myself. Its really that simple. I hated that when I showed up somewhere in yoga pants and a sweatshirt I said something like "sorry I'm in this outfit I just could not find clean clothes." Um - shut up. You went in yoga pants because you damn well wanted too. STOP APOLOGIZING for living your life. And no disclaimers went really well. I suggest you try it for a day. Apologize when you've truly messed up, let someone down, made a mistake, dropped the ball. Not when you're feeling self-conscious, or want to people please. 

There was a time in October when I thought my mantra for 2017 was going to be 'slow down' but then wedding season ended and I made a meal at home again and realized 'this too shall pass' has been someone's mantra, and I realized why. I then returned to my husband, hugged him, thanked him for waiting ever so patiently for me to be back on this planet, and started writing again. (notice how I DIDNT apologize? yeah girl.)

So for a few weeks I've been working on my 2017 mantra. And I kept a list in my phone. I'm sort of addicted to the 'notes' section on phones and that little space has created some real magic for me. Regardless, here is that list, completely- absolutely- unedited. 

go slower.

let it simmer.

extend the olive branch. 


get your moles checked. 

reach higher. omg ew. 

intentionally morph. (am I on drugs right now?) 

make the space. 

create space. 

hold the space. 

more bubbles. 

tell your story. 

The second I typed it I knew it was the one. 

In March I am hosting a retreat for female creative entrepreneurs. I simply wrote on my Instagram one day about wanting to do it and then before I knew it we had 12 amazing women signed up. We will dive into some real stuff that weekend, but at the core of it- its really just all of us telling our story. 

I've been asked to speak a few times in 2017. To farmers. To women. To students. To people who love flowers and lavender. And each time- this line: "tell your story." 

Because aren't we all out there just trying to write ours? To move the characters in or out of crisis and create happiness? I've been telling stories since I don't know when, since I realized that sometimes my happiest moments are when I am surrounded by good people and we are telling stories. 

But for the past few years, call it growing up, I tightened the reins a bit. Not telling stories like I love, or as often as I wish. And feeling held back. By a myriad of things- but mostly my own self doubt. Like, if I tell all the stories & chronicle all of it- who is it for? 

A lot of us are crafting a 'highlight reel' as our story, but forgetting to include the messy parts. Some are even out there advising women who own small businesses to never show the messy side, and I could not disagree more. Show what is real. And tell it how it is. When we put the work in to share our story honestly & without comparison to others, our story becomes one that people can connect with even more. Bonus points: the truth is what you'll remember when you look back on your life. Yes, even the times you messed up big time. 

2016 brought me some amazing friendships. People who came into my life because of Instagram but have become real deal friends. And you know what I loved about them initially? They were being messy. Sharing the real. No one wants to be friends with the perfect human. How freaking boring. If I had friends who were perfect what the hell would we talk about? Laugh about? Discuss while opening another bottle of cab? Friends, bring your messes to the table- be freaking human. 

If you've seen "Hamilton" the finale of the show is a song where the refrain is 'who live, who dies, who tells your story?' It's basically been in my head for 2 months now. And the jist is this: You can tell your story, and tell it in its truth. The good and the bad. The successes and failures. And by telling your story, you hope that maybe one other person sees why they should tell theirs, or feels inspired to write theirs differently. 

2016 was an incredible year for me. I am ready for what comes next, and I'm ready to have you along for the ride. Let's all agree to tell our story this year. 

Happy New Year.





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