on our wreath workshops.

We taught 3 wreath workshops this season, and somehow I wish it had been more. Leading these events is such a fun way for me to be hands on with the people who support this little flower power tribe relentlessly. They travel from down the road and from downstate to visit us, create something & have fun. 

Each of our workshops is different, but they all follow a similar pattern: get settled, pour yourself a glass of wine, get a little plate of snacks, watch some instruction & listen to a few bad jokes, and you're off to create! 

Next year we will host 4 of these events, another 2 at our place, 1 in Central Lake at Fieldguide Farmhouse and one at a location we aren't quite ready to announce just yet, but rest assured- you'll be the first to know. 

I'm sharing a few of these images taken by FJK Visuals of our workshop last weekend. I am always blown away by how happy everyone is while they are working on something a simple as a wreath. 

Interested in playing with beautiful flowers? Keep an eye out after the New Year as we announce our Feb 4. workshop -- its going to be gorgeous. Until then, enjoy this time. 



Kalin SheickComment