on 1 year.

When I look at the calendar I cannot believe it has been one year since we bought the farm. This really is just a story about two people who love another a lot, and they love their dream, and dog, and a place called Petoskey. 

It has been a year filled with a lot of celebration and a fair share of 'oh shit' moments. You see, two kids who grew up in the suburbs aren't exactly made to be farmers. But one of them is really freaking handy & the other one knows a thing or two about styling pretty things & together they make quite the team. 

Whenever I hate this place. Which is basically every 17th day (on average) during the summer, I am reminded how badly we wanted to be here. How we putted around on the pontoon boat that day in August of 2015 and we wrote a business plan on the 'notes section' of an iphone. And how we walked the trails here the first time we ever looked at it and we knew. And how I had such blinders on when we looked at it that when we moved in I cried for days about how much work we needed to do. 

The farm has given us so much. More than I ever imagined. I never in my life thought I could find my ultimate happy moment in the quiet sitting around a fire of burning brush with a glass of wine in my hand & you at my side. 

But this has not all been rainbows. The day in July when I opened the garage door for you but I got impatient so I clicked the button before it went up all the way so it would stop and I thought it was enough room for the tractor to pull in but instead the roll bar on the tractor pulled down the garage door and it crashed on top of you ---- was not a cute moment. We've fought hard for this place, and in doing we've fought one another at times. I've stormed in the house and slammed doors. You've fired up the tractor so you couldn't hear me. We've tried to give one another the silent treatment while working outside. We've killed lavender plants & shrubs & made a million mistakes. We've sworn a LOT at equipment. Mowers, weed wackers, hoses, shovels, t-posts, snips, loppers. We have more red gas containers laying around this place per acre than any other farm in the county. We've fallen and we get back up. 

When we got married a lot of people told us ' that first year is the toughest' but we didn't feel that way. We had lived together long before we married. But I think that first year of owning a farm is the toughest. Every day. Every single freaking day.  A new challenge. On the days I hate this place, you love it. And on the days where you wish we still had a 1,200 sq ft ranch downtown, I couldn't be happier. Yin and Yang. 

Our kids will grow up here. And they won't have a mudroom, or a toy room, or a full basement to hide in, but they will have acres to roam and be wild and free. 

Matt, there is no other person on this planet I want to make this dream happen alongside. Thanks for all you do. Thank you for making me the happiest & thank you for believing in this dream. Happy 1 Year Babe.