on Courtney and Mike

I'm always a basketcase when the wedding we are flowering for is people we call friends. People we love. Because at install & on your wedding day, I'm usually sipping a cold coffee, sweating, my hair is really messy & I'm crying when I hand you your flowers. I'm also creepily snapping pics of you on my iphone and pretending they will be half as good as the photographers. Okay Kalin. 

Courtney and Mike are really good friends of ours. Like the kind of friends who you run out of wine with. The kind of friends who GET YOU and what you're trying to do. Friends who even when you flower their wedding and you're sweating and your hair is messy they won't care. So I flowered this puppy & then turned around, through on a denim jumper and went as a guest. Let me tell you. I have never been to a happier wedding. A wedding with more happy tears. It was one where you could literally FEEL the love in the room.

Court & Mike - you already know we love you. Court, thank you for totally trusting me and my weirdness to forage so much of your bouquet and giving us absolute creative freedom. This one was magical friends. 


Photography by: The Billings 

Coordination: Sincerely Ginger Weddings 

Beauty: On Site Bridal


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