on what I'm grateful for.

Happy Thanksgiving friend. I hope today finds you warm, safe & enjoying a hot meal with someone you love. 

I'm grateful this year for things I wasn't last year. It's weird, with every year older I become I seem to realize what is most important a bit more. Your 20's is basically a decade long process of realizing what matters. 

I'll keep this short, because even though our plans have changed I'm still making a turkey. But below are some of the things I'm grateful for this year. 

Owning my own business: not for the faint of heart, but the most rewarding thing ever. Stems & Sprigs to date has flowered for more than 40 weddings. For being less than 2 years old, I would say that is ok. I'm grateful for the ability to call the shots, make the decisions, own the mistakes & learn about myself through this process. 

The farm: I've fallen more in love with this place daily (excluding all the days I hate it, which I write about on here sometimes lol). This farm has become as much a part of who I am as some other really big life things. It's weird how a place can do that. There is something really really comforting about knowing you'll be in a place for a really long time.  I'm so grateful for this drafty old farmhouse on a 10 acre parcel in my favorite place. 

Being debt free: we do not pay any money to anyone each month aside from our mortgage. I'm sorta obsessed with this fact because I no longer fear retiring one day. I'm a nerd for financial stuff now. This time last year our debt number was overwhelming and we were constantly paying other people, not ourselves. Budgeting rules. 

Maple: Earlier this week I had a nasty little back injury which involved me crying every morning while Matt put on my socks. I am amazed at animals. For real y'all. She never comes upstairs, but when she heard me crying she was right there and wouldn't leave my side all day. When I was struggling to get up from a chair (pathetic right?) she runs to Matt to alert him I need help. I love you Maple. 

Creative friends: There are not words to describe the people this farm has brought me this year. Between Instagram, this blog & just putting myself out there everywhere I've gained the immense honor of meeting some of the world's coolest people. Our friends are real gems. 

You. Thats right. I'm grateful for you. WIth no readers, this little corner of the internet would be a dark place where I talk a lot about crying. But with your support and readership its become an ongoing conversation for me with you & where we are at in this world. Maybe you read regularly, maybe you're just creeping on this blog right now, maybe you binge read the entire thing after we had a glass of wine once- whatever your fancy. Thanks 


Happy Thanksgiving friends.



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