on the 'one thing' you can do right now.

I may have written about this before. But I don't really have any desire to search back and see if I have or, in that case, its probably a good time for a reminder for all of us. You can get rid of one thing and make it better. 

You may have seen via the interwebs that this weekend we drove the 13 hours each way to Washington DC to flower for my friend Kali. I was for lack of a better term, hysterical before the weekend. 

It was one of those 'holy hell why did I commit to this' type of things, where you are freaking out for weeks before something. 

Let me be clear this is not because I did not want to flower for Kali. She is definitely our ideal client. She's an amazing creative with passion, style & a general lovely attitude toward life. The freakout was instead a little story that goes like this.

Last September I was really just getting the hang of this flower thing (still happening really) and so when I was proposed a travel wedding it was a no brainer. "It'll be so fun!" 

Fast forward a year, I had NO CLUE we would grow at the rate we have, I had no clue we would own a farm, I had no clue we would have moved further North &  our road trip wedding was #27 for the season since June and was our 7th weekend in a row with two or more events and I was torching the candle at both ends. Not burning. No. Not a slow, beautiful intentional burning candle. A freaking torch.

10 days before our trip I knew something had to give. A friend of mine  asked this question, "what is ONE THING you can do right now to make the trip a little tiny bit less stressful?" So simple. So easy. It was a flood of things coming back to me. Hadn't I written about this before? Haven't I always tried to see things this way? Why am I so afraid to purge one thing or ask for freaking help? 

This question is Matt's classic line. When I am mach5 emotional breakdown level he always asks "what can I do right now to help make this better?" 

Sometimes it is the easy stuff like rub my back, or take out the recycling, or run to Meijer and grab wine and chocolate. Other days the requests are more involved, like the time he learned to make boutonnieres. 

ONE THING people. Think of whatever looming major stressor you have in your life right now. What is one thing you can do to make it a bit easier? 

The answer for me in that moment popped into my mind without a second to doubt it: I need my sister to come to D.C.. 

Egan is the world's most calming presence. She's like waking up in a sun-drenched room on vacation with no alarm. Bonus; shes a really good freaking driver & she's not to shabby with floral design when we need her. 

10 minutes later it was settled. Egan was going to come to Washington D.C. and she was happy to do 99% of the driving. I don't know why, but knowing that she was going to join Taylor and I and be my 'driver and production team' made everything better. I finally slept that night. I squealed with delight when I told Matt and Taylor she was coming. 

And so there we were, on the PA turnpike blaring Beyonce, eating sunflower seeds with a van jammed with greenery and Egan at the wheel. It rained the entire freaking way there and 90% of the way home. She didn't flinch. All I had to do was keep ordering her a Grande redeye at each turnpike Starbucks & she kept driving. I didn't sleep much because its so fun hanging out with her. We talked a lot about her upcoming wedding and we laughed a LOT doing impressions of family members and friends and ridiculous things that only sisters understand. 

Let me be clear that I love a good roadtrip. I've logged some heavy hours driving across this country. I love a good midnight shift at the wheel, if you've been reading this blog a long time you may remember when I drove up through the night home from Florida blaring Alan Jackson. But having such a large stressful element of this entire thing taken away from me opened me back up to being able to create, rest, find stupid internet memes and laugh a lot. The greatest part of having a driver for the weekend was having her drop us exactly where we needed to go, with thousands of dollars in floral product on busy street corners and not having to find parking, she just zoomed off and then returned with the van when we needed her. By the end of the weekend we had invented a driver character named 'Wesley' who had a British accent. "oh HELLOOOOO Wesley!" 

Find one thing you can do to make it better. And do it. The design work we pulled off for Kali was stunning because I was able to focus on what she hired us for. 

Drop whatever it is you can. Drop it like its hot. 

I love you Egan. Thanks for being the best. 



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