on our studio move.

Maybe you've been to the farm and seen our studio from this season. We decided on a whim that it would go in an addition built onto the barn. It's charming in a way that cannot be recreated, old, a bit dusty, RUSTIC yall. RUSTIC like ---- as rustic as humanly possible. 

But we love it. I love the door the most. It's magical. We made some real magic in this space this year, we laughed, we cried, we laughed so hard we cried (most often on the last one). But we very quickly realized that while its cute & everyone oohs and aahs when they see it- it isn't very practical. 

In typical Kalin fashion I set out like a crazy woman on Pinterest to find plans to build a cute little stall barn thing that was a garage for us in the winter time but in the summer turned into a studio. I kept telling Matt all it needs is water / electric / good lighting & a cement floor. Bonus points are given for: easy access, close to the house & privacy. I contacted some pole barn companies, too expensive for where we are right now. I thought about how it would be white with black shutters. And then something happened. 

I realized we already have a freaking 3 car garage that is unused that has an enormous attic upstairs for storage, the lower level has electric, a cement floor, good light, close to the house, a paved freaking driveway & its private back there. Did I mention the basketball court? LETS BALL! (kidding on that last part) But holy heck- why didn't I just open my eyes to what we have? 

We haven't been able to park anything in the garage since we moved here. It has too much junk left behind, but we've been chipping away at it this summer and we should be in business before winter. SO in the winter- our cars will park in there, in the summer it will be the Stems & Sprigs design studio. 

There are some cons; its a hike from the lavender (opposite sides of the farm) so being able to bop out and check on stuff there and trouble shoot stuff as it pops up won't be as fast, but hey - fitbit life get those steps! Our picture perfect view from the studio will be replaced with a view of our driveway and our neighbor's perfectly manicured lawn. Could be worse. I won't get to keep yelling at Maple out the studio window to stop digging holes, she will be out of view, but other than those small things -- we are in business out there. 

Yes, the prayer flags are coming with us. No, we do not want to open a brick & mortar space. I really enjoy shuffling out to the studio in my slippers with no bra on too much to be bothered with having a storefront. Yes we will still use the old studio. We have decided that will become the lavender drying space. It's really cute to think about drying the lavender in the main barn, and sometimes I have this beautiful Martha Stewart vision of a wedding in the lavender barn (there are spaces that do it) but then I think about how everyone would have lavender buds in their hair all the time. And trust me, its cute for like- .01 seconds. 

And so the studio moves. We'll start next week hauling all the crap down there. Our engineering department already has seen some images of shelving / setup I would love. (cough cough, I show Matt pinterest photos while he drinks a Coors light after work and nods). 

Can't wait to show you! 



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