on the no electronics date.

I like writing about marriage because the material is endless. It seems I could write daily about the things I learn while on this journey of creating a life alongside someone who is totally my opposite in so many ways. 

Sunday night, after a few hours of painting the foyer, we sat down on the couch for some wine and for the first time, in a long time, instead of just flipping on the tv and cueing up our next Netflix episode, we just sat and talked. 

No phones, no tv noise, no dog wanting attention ( a first I know, she was dead asleep on the floor for all of it) we just talked. We made plans, laughed about mistakes we've made, both separately and together, hashed some s*** out and then patted ourselves on the back for the house progress. 

We 'finished' our first room this weekend. I find it so fitting its the dining room, which is one of my favorite spots in any house. The place with no TV, and nothing but a table for sharing with people you love. 

Trust me when I write about improvement projects it's not all roses and perfect shades of BEHR paint. At one point this weekend I FLIPPED MY LID when matt handed me a solo cup of trim paint and I got paint on my hands. You read that correctly, I got mad that I got paint on my hands while we were painting. Because somehow, Matt was supposed to READ MY MIND that I had forgotten there was wet paint on the cup from the 3 seconds prior I spilled it on the cup. Really, one of my cuter moments. Not. 

We also realized on Saturday night while installing a wall cabinet that our walls are not perfectly straight. #1883farmhouselife. We also learned the dog hates the air compressor & we found a growth chart on the kitchen doorway noting how tall each of the boys who grew up here were every year. I couldn't paint it over for some reason, not yet. 

We made a major family decision this weekend: I am really bad at painting trim. But I am AMAZING at rolling walls. You give me a roller, and let me go to town for an hour, magic. 

Also this weekend our new friends Brian & Anne from Bear Creek Organic Farm came over to see our place. We are planning on hosting some of their beehives in our lavender field this summer. They brought two giant dogs and Maple was in heaven as we stomped around the farm. 

OH talk about manifesting what you want in this life.... I've been looking everywhere for a coat rack, even had one in my hands at IKEA on Friday with Mom and passed on it because it wasn't cute enough. LOOKEY LOOKEY- found myself a coat rack in the barn this weekend, all it needs is paint and its adorable and old timey. LOVE.

This weekend I also had the opportunity to sit down with two ladies who are on their own journey right now trying to 'live the dream' of moving Up North, leaving the norm and figuring it out as they go. We chatted over coffee about how sometimes the reactions from people can be disheartening "why do you want to live all the way up there" is one they are getting. I remember when Matt and I used to glow about how much we loved Cadillac and living up North people seemed so surprised. Even when we bought the farm, weird sideways glances and people telling us we were 'crazy' was a popular reaction. Tonight I was working on some client stuff on Pinterest and looked up my first pin ever. Do you know what it is? This quote, 

"HOW TO BE HAPPY: ignore people who think they know more about you than you do" 

Have the best day my friends, chat soon. 


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