on weekends.

This weekend was the first this summer we had no plans. No weddings. No events. No family in town. Just M, I and the dog. 

Often times on weekends we have no plans, we find ourselves heading somewhere to catch up with someone because somehow we aren't busy enough. But this weekend we were just lazy at the lake and it was marvelous. 

When I was a kid I used to get so pissed off at my Mom on Sunday nights. Why was she telling all of us to layout clothes and do laundry, pack our swim team bags? Why was she spending 3 hours at the grocery store? Why the hell was she sitting for an HOUR at the family calendar? "Mom! Its still the weekend! Stop!" she would roll her eyes and go back to planning. It wasn't until I was in college that I began to see the sanctity of Sunday afternoons. 

In between multiple cups of coffee and walks through the farmer's market with friends this past weekend, I began compiling a list in my head of what makes a decent 48 hour block of time off. See below for some weekend inspiration. 

10 Things To Do For a Restful, Fun, Fufilling Weekend

-Cook a good meal. So often during the work week dinner gets pushed aside. We split vegetarian stir fry from the Chinese place. I pop us a giant bowl of popcorn. We throw together some attempt at chicken. Tonight the master plan involves sautéing a chicken sausage with a zucchini. Wow. The weekend is the perfect time to carefully create a meal with intention. Longer recipes and cook times are welcome on Saturday and Sunday. In fact, once the weather starts to turn- I spend most of Sunday in the kitchen, making a delicious mess. 

-Sleep in. This one goes without saying. No alarms. This was the first weekend all summer I remember not having to set an alarm either day. For me sleeping in is around 7:30 am. But its still so awesome. Slow mornings set the tone for a slow day. 

-Stay up. When it's not a 'school night' as we call weeknights, its time to stay up. My days of shutting down the bars and 5am breakfasts in my clubbing clothes are behind me, but on weekends I find myself, finishing the movie, staying outside way after dark & seeing the opposite side of 11 pm more often. I can't hang like I used to, (let me rephrase that, I can't 'hang' as OFTEN as I used to) but it is 'oh so nice' to throw bedtime away two nights a week.  

-Lose your phone. At least once a weekend I purposely lose my phone for a good 5 hour chunk. Leave it on the boat. Forget it in the car. The phone is a dangerous time suck during the most precious hours of the week. Not to mention, the phone can be ground zero for the ugly disease we all suffer from, jealouscomparing-iosis. Bye bye phone. Here's the kicker- almost every time I 'lose my phone' on the weekends,  I come back to zero notifications or messages- we aren't as important as we think we are. 

-Have a cocktail. During the week I try (note: try) to limit my alcohol intake. I'm not a crazy drunk but its really easy to fall into the 'two glasses of wine' during dinner habit M-F. I've found that I sleep better, work better and move better when I just wait until the weekend to hit my vino. I firmly believe that somewhere in history some great Greek god said "we shall only work 5 of the 7 days, and the two we have for rest we should eat good food and drink lots of good wine." --- The Greek God In My Dreams 

-Connect spiritually. For some of you it may be heading to church but for me its quiet time in nature. Meditate. Journal. Walk. Row. Receive communion. Whatever activity fills your spiritual gas tank- partake in it during the weekend. 

-Watch a movie. Whatever mindless activity you love, do some of it on the weekend. For me its watching 3 episodes of "Fixer Upper" on HGTV in a row with no bra on. For M its watching (note: really napping) while golf is on the TV. Sometimes we catch up on a favorite HBO series or even rent movies (we are so 90's. We actually go to Family Video) whatever you can do to just sit like a blob- do a bit of it on the weekend. 

-Be active. I love weekend exercise. Seriously. Its so fun to not have a 30 minute time frame to squeeze activity into. Weekend workouts don't have to be a 21 Day Fix DVD (sorry Autumn). Find something you love to do that makes you move and go do it. 99% of the time ours involves taking the dog somewhere. 

-Wash your hair. This is a general statement for 'do the body care activity that you loathe.' For me, no Sunday is complete without a good hair wash & dry. Some weekends I finally get around to that weird face mask I want to try, or bizarre nail polish color I'm going to attempt. Self care my friends. 

-Prepare for the week ahead. Damn. Why do all fun things have to end? I've found that my final night of the weekend involves a whole lot less tears and emotional mood swings if I've grocery shopped, looked at the week ahead on the calendar, made a to-do list and done some laundry. Mom was right all those years. Take a few hours on Sunday to get your butt in gear and the week ahead seems a lot more manageable. 

--Addendum to #10- DO NOT fall into the 'Sensitive Sundays' trap. Sunday is STILL THE WEEKEND. Don't get all emo and moody right when you wake up because 'you work tomorrow' snap out of this! Have fun! 

--Another note. A lot of my friends are real grownups who have kids who play 129182019 sports and they spend their weekends driving them all over the solar system. This will one day be my future. But I promise anyone reading this. That even if your Saturday is spent at a Holiday Inn Express pool in Columbus while you wait for the next Soccer Game or team dinner at Applebees you can find time to have fun. Cheers. 

Enjoy your holiday weekend ahead. 


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