on uncle muscles part II.

Before we get into one of the craziest stories you'll ever read I have a small disclaimer. If you don't already know the story about Uncle Muscles going missing while hiking the A.T. earlier this summer then you need to read it here before going any further. 

Okay are we all caught up? Great. 

After my last blog went live we were flooded with support for Uncle Muscles. Friends from around the country shared the post, contacted family members in Tennessee and the surrounding states and Muscles picture was flooded pretty much everywhere. 

I was drinking a glass of wine with friends on their patio when I got the call they found Muscles. 

He was in a small town in Tennessee at an animal shelter and he had been bit by a car. His microchip saved his life. He was pretty banged up. Within hours my sister, her boyfriend and my mom were en route to save muscles. 

I avoided writing this blog for a long time because that is how long Muscles recovery took how touch and go it was at times. The short version of it is that this dog is a survivor. We do know he was with someone for at least a short bit of time. We believe he slipped his collar and escaped the person who had stolen him, lived alone on the streets for a bit and then got hit. He lost a leg shortly after my sister picked him up, the infection in the ligaments was too bad to save it. When he saw my sister at the animal hospital in Tennessee he army crawled to her even though he was on the verge of death. 

The dog lost a limb, had countless rounds of antibiotics, 100 + stitches to heal his open wounds & was in an intensive care animal hospital for weeks. 

But today. After LOTS of treats, naps, medicine, bandage changes, thunder shirt washes & cuddles- Uncle Muscles or "King Muscles" as I call him is back. And he's a changed dog. Little tri-pawd Mussy, he's spoiled rotten now. I swear, you can't look at a dog with three legs and not immediately want to give it 3 treats. But he's happy. And most importantly Egan is happy. 

I cannot begin to thank all of you for your love and support and sharing of this story.

Uncle Muscles was so sweet he sent thank you cards out to the family after we all chipped in during recovery taking random jobs. (my favorite job was bandage changing because I would give mussy like, 10 treats.) Look! He even can drive a pontoon with one arm now! 

Love you Mussy. Love you Egan. 


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