on changes, death & love.

A lot is changing around here. Summer has arrived. I changed jobs, and consequently schedules, our Stems & Sprigs staff & of course, my outlook on life. 

Glorious beautiful gracious amazing summer is here folks. The grass is green, the tulips and lilacs have made way for hostas and hanging baskets. The sandal tan lines, the boat rides, the weddings, the bonfires, the screen door that brings a fresh breeze in all day- its all here. It says June on the calendar and Boston Cooler cravings are on the regular. 

I changed jobs. No, I did not leave the station. No, I have absolutely no desire to do so. No, I wasn't pushed out of the morning show. I've heard some CRAZY rumors in the past few weeks about why I chose to leave the morning show. Some are funny, many are sexist & all of them are untrue. After 3 amazing years, it was time to pass the torch on to a new roving 'On The Road' reporter. (For those of who follow just for flowers, quick side note, I have a full time gig as well.) My new position began this week. I'm getting more creative, creating a schedule that works for me & pushing myself in new ways. I am ecstatic. I'm lucky to have a management team above me who recognizes hard work, listens to my crazy ideas & even allows me to run full speed ahead with them! 

Exciting over here is that I believe I have a found a floral assistant for the upcoming crazy season. Loads of stems to be had this upcoming August/September/October and we are booking into 2016. M is a great assistant, but needing even more hands on deck is a really good sign. 

I read a LOT of articles everyday. It's not uncommon for me to spend a couple hours perusing my favorite news outlets, blogs, flower friend websites & stumbling wherever the click of the mouse takes me.

When I read Sheryl Sandberg's post about her late husband today I was torn apart in the absolute best and most real way possible.  If you're unfamiliar with the story, a month ago Sheryl's husband Dave died suddenly while the family was on vacation. Her tribute to him on her Facebook page opened the floodgates. This week I've also read the viral obit of Clay Shephard who died of a drug overdose. And finally, a friend of mine posted an article about his childhood friend's mom passing away

Three people who had absolutely no connection to one another, who all died in different ways, shaking my core this week. One of them had no warning, the other battling the terrible disease of addiction and the last one fighting for four years. The loved ones who penned these tributes all have one message- love. 

Love the ones you're with. Love the changes, and the way life ebbs and flows. Love the parts of your partners that aren't easy to love. Love yourself and in the end- you'll leave behind just that- a legacy of love. 




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