on spring break.

If you ever really want to know what 'happy' feels like, grab your life partner, your giant puppy, pack your car & drive to your best friends' house. Bonus points if the car is a bit smaller than desired & you listen to The Eagles most of the way there. 

I'm back from a lovely break from life. 

We spent 5 nights on the road. M, pup & I were determined to spend time with two of the people we love most this Spring Break so we  drove to stay with them in Charlotte. Our days were spent making big meals at home, drinking red wine, laughing at YouTube videos, exploring the city that is in full Spring bloom, playing Euchre & planning for the future. 

The best part about this trip was there was no real 'plan.' We knew when we wanted to leave and knew when I had to be back at work. Everything else gracefully fell into place. As someone who is obsessed with plans, this is always an exercise for me, 'going with the flow' is not something I do well, unless I'm holding a fruity cocktail on a lazy river somewhere. 

And in the blink of an eye, it was over. The car was packed, Mollie was back at work and M & Grant were hugging in the driveway. I cried for 30 miles.

No perfectly orchestrated best friend moment between Moll and I can ever be relived. It can never be made to be as perfect as it was when it happened. That is how I look at our awkward/amazing high school years in show choir. It's how I look at our our 4 years in Chicago, living blocks from our best friends & running wild around the city. It's how I look at the time we were both a little lost after college, doing jobs we didn't wake up excited about but knew we did them to learn something at the end. It's how I look at the time we stood next to one another seconds before we each walked down the aisle to our new best friend, the one who in a weird way fills a spot you once occupied but you love him so much too, so its ok. It's how I look at the weekends we spend like this past one, when future plans are scary but exciting & no one knows what you're really doing in your late twenties but you're figuring it out & you still laugh at the same jokes you did in high school. That is how I look at it, perfectly orchestrated moments that are tiny miracles- they are here, they are gone in a flash & you're oh-so-grateful you know there are millions more to come. 

Once I dried my tears and got our GPS working it was time to summit West Virginia. That is highpoint #22 for M, #10 for me and #1 for Maple. It was beautiful and windy at the top. 

Highpoint summit with the wolf pack. No filter or anything on this, so you know me, I firmly believe there is a spirit, aura, sign in this photo. 

Highpoint summit with the wolf pack. No filter or anything on this, so you know me, I firmly believe there is a spirit, aura, sign in this photo. 

The car headed towards home from there on. Lots of coffee, Eagles & talk of the future. But more importantly, lots of talk about the weekend that had just passed. And how great it was to get away & celebrate friendship. 


Pups first high point. 

Pups first high point.