on the passing of time.

I've been working from home a lot more these days. And with that, I spend a LOT of time at our dining room table. 

It's the most naturally lit spot in the house, so I had to park it right here. Even on our darkest days I don't need the lights on. 

Since December I've watch my amaryllis slowly, slowly, slowlllyyyy grow. For a while I honestly thought she was a goner. But as the days, weeks and months passed- she kept steady. Then this week, after what seems like forever, the final show has started. 

not sorry I didn't clean the table for this photo, keeping it real over here. 

not sorry I didn't clean the table for this photo, keeping it real over here. 

It was worth the wait. 

Isn't everything? My mom always told me 'anything worthwhile in life takes time.' I've probably written about that on here before. But she's right. 

The best is yet to come with this beauty. I suspect she'll hang around at least another week. I love the photos here because there is still so much more to happen. 


The passing of time. It seems so slow, and then you look at something- your kid, your puppy, your amaryllis, your own face in the mirror, and you realize.... even the longest of days, are passing. 

It's going to be 44 degrees here next week. They are predicting 5 straight days of sunshine and above freezing temperatures. 

I've been arranging work for summer, scheduling a getaway for our 1st anniversary, planning a day in April to install a fence. 

We saw pavement on our walk today. Baseball equipment has started showing up on the porch, the dog's head can rest on the coffee table. 

All of these small, thoughtless moments of our days, marking in some way the passing of time. 


PS- last night Matt came home late and Maple & I were both dead asleep in our respective dens. The back door to our house- WIDE OPEN. Not like "I forgot to lock it" open, I mean like, "I forgot to shut it when I let the dog back in" open-- 10 degree air blowing in the house, snow, critters, convicts --- all were welcome. The house was 55 degrees. There is probably a squirrel family living in our basement. Whoops. 




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