on spring.

I often get asked what keeps M & I in Northern Michigan. According to most outsiders there is nothing to do, no shopping, no jobs, no people, no great restaurants and the winters, 'my god those winters! how do you stand it?!" 

Everyone is wrong except for one thing. The winters. It's why so many of the people who call this place home also call a tropical climate home during 6 months of the year. It's why we are so happy when it begins to melt, and the brown, dried and dead grass unveils itself. 

Spring is here. And with it comes sunshine and blue skies. Although the temperature was 27 today it still feels like spring. Why? Because you can see the ground. Because people are out and about, because the blue of the sky looks more blue, robin's egg blue. And because the Sunshine has something with it. Warmth. 

I so appreciate four seasons.  It creates a beautiful 365 page novel with four chapters. When I turned the page on Spring this weekend I was met with a new attitude. New characters. New plot lines and a new environment. 

Now that it is light out until 8pm it seems seasonal depression is a thing of the past. Maple and I spent most of the weekend outside. We romped around Runnymede (our old home) for hours on Friday, Saturday and today. We walked for miles. No leash and no agenda. I wore my long johns today and carried a vat of hot peppermint tea but the sun was glorious and the birds were singing. 

Spring wakes something up in all of us. Something that we let die in the winter. Something that with a bit of sunlight and time, begins to grow again. 

The end all be all for me is the ability to be outside again. Even though I ventured outside every. single. day. this winter, the ability to be outside and STAY outside is glorious. Today, my dear friend Mary Jo and I sat on her porch steps in the sunshine and drank tea and chatted. The fresh air is intoxicating. 

Yes there is still a lot of snow. But here's the kicker, there is a LOT of grass as well. Its a slow process, as are most things in life, but as the piles of white disappear, and buds on trees reappear it allows us to reflect on what is right now. 

And right now, is a special time of year. 


p.s. The photos in this post are from our walk today around the farm. We are so lucky to have this place and the people that come with it! :) 

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