on birthdays & bitter cold.

happy birthday mom. 

happy birthday mom. 

This weekend our pack traveled downstate to celebrate my Mom's birthday. We had a great time. The kind of time that involved all of my favorite things; family, food, wine & flowers. 

I spent Friday afternoon working on a special birthday arrangement for her. Pink isn't really her color, or my absolute favorite but with the winter we've been having I decided to 'think spring.' It stood nearly 3 feet tall and had dozens of flowers. tulips, snapdragons, wax flower, you name it if it was pink, cream or whispy I pulled it from the warehouse and put it together. 

The weather here has been end-of-days type of cold. But wherever you're reading this, chances are you're freezing your hiney off too. As I write this I'm wrapped in a blanket, with a dog on my feet and a space heater blowing on me from the kitchen. This morning it was -26, Friday I saw -31 at our house, Thursday the same at -28. So cold that my mascara was becoming tiny black icicles on Friday. So cold that cars don't work, the furnace doesn't shut off & I want nothing more than piping hot soups, warm bread & to wear fleece lined long underwear. M hasn't had school in 3 days. Too cold. They won't let the kiddos wait at the bus stop for 10 minutes in -31. It isn't safe. 

It's cold outside but warm in here. Between a Spring Bride, dreaming of Summer & planning some floral fun for warmer weather it helps to pass the time. I look out of the big window where I work and think "at some point I'll look out there and the birds will be chirping and grass will be growing." But until then everything is under a blanket, just like me. 

Stay warm my friends. No matter how you choose to do it. Whether its a glass of something to warm you up, an extra quilt on the bed or a Spring themed birthday flower arrangement- think happy & warm thoughts. 

Oh, and mom loved the flowers. :) 


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