on valentine's day & the first ever pop-up shop.

This weekend I was lucky enough to set up the Stems & Sprigs Pop-Up Shop on Valentine's Day at my friend Michele's boutique "Serendipity" in downtown Cadillac. 

Right as one of the worst weather days on record blew into town, M & I were unloading flower arrangements, bouquets, buckets of beautiful things & setting up my corner. 

For my first go at at pop-up shop I am happy to report it went swimmingly. Given the weather, I was shocked that ANYONE made it out to say hello (a big thank you to those friends who came by and supported)! 

The most important thing about Saturday was how much I learned. I have a list a mile long of things people commented on, what sold best, what people were looking for & what made them look elsewhere. I did not have one red rose. The best part? No one was looking for them! I wanted to bring something different to the table and focused on different colors, shapes & styles. 

On a weekend to celebrate love, I felt so filled with it. I absolutely loved being on my feet for 13 hours on Friday, designing, processing, creating & packaging. Mary-Jo spent most of her day hot-glueing paper cones, it takes a village. I absolutely loved Saturday, even in the midst of a blizzard, being surrounded by blooms and smiling faces. And I absolutely loved my husband more than I thought possible on that day. He spent much of his weekend helping me schlep floral stuff, clean up, run errands, pick up my lunch & supporting every crazy idea I had. 

We got home, I cuddled my puppy, we ate a delicious home cooked meal, I had a giant class of wine & was sleeping at 8:20 pm. A Valentine's so filled with love I slept 12 hours and woke up glowing. 

If you're reading this blog, you've obviously stumbled upon the Stems & Sprigs website. Take a minute to cruise around and let me know what you think! I'm not quite sure where my flower adventures will take me but I'm happy to report things are picking up rather quick! 

Some answers you may be looking for:

-Yes, I'm in the process of getting a logo & an actual design scheme for this space. (Just wait until you see what amazing-ness my dear friend Andy is creating!) 

-Yes, I would love to hear about the event you're hosting & the flowers you want to have there! 

-Yes, I am still happily employed in my reporting job & I'm grateful for the support from my coworkers there. 

-No, I do not have plans for a flower shop or retail space anytime soon. 

-Yes, this is all really scary but if we didn't do what scared us we would all be so bored! 

-I added the "& Sprigs" as a little tribute to my love (read: obsession) with greenery. I wrestled with the name change for a while but in the end followed my intuition. More greenery, please. 

That's a wrap today! Friends, like I mentioned earlier this truly takes a village. If you know someone I NEED to connect with, please do not hesitate to tell me! I am looking to meet as many florists, flower freaks, photographers, event designers, venue owners & people who love prosecco as possible! 

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Photos below are from the weekend.


That ranunculus in the back though...... [swoon]

That ranunculus in the back though...... [swoon]

My shop assistant Elle, we were working on a little sprig greenery crown for her. 

My shop assistant Elle, we were working on a little sprig greenery crown for her. 

paper cones filled with sweet stems, inspired by Paris 

paper cones filled with sweet stems, inspired by Paris