on sundays.


What is it about this day that makes them seem so much slower than all the rest? The endless cups of coffee? The sleeping in? The way everyone seems to drive a little slower? 

I'm beginning to think I've cracked the 'Sunday code' its not a difficult one, but for a long time I struggled to enjoy Sundays. They used to stress me out, I would worry about homework, dread going back to school the next day. In college I would sleep too late, eat a greasy brunch and fight a 'too much fun the night before' headache for most of the day. When adulthood struck I began to stress about work the next day, and more often than not, saying goodbye to then-boyfriend-now-fiance. Half the day would be spent me moping around and grocery shopping after he left. But now, the fog has lifted, I can finally see. 

Sundays are meant to be slow for no reason other than we need them to be. Its the first day of the new week. One that with each passing 24 hour period seems to speed up until you find yourself on a Friday night up for 21 hours and still wearing your work clothes at 11 pm. By Saturday you're at top speed. Lists of errands, dates, appointments, 'things to get done' and then it happens, it's Sunday morning. 

So that's why I'm wearing PJ pants at 2:15 pm. Its a slow day. One that started with 90 minutes of slow yoga, and even slower cups of coffee. As I type I can faintly hear a baseball game playing on the TV upstairs, the definition of a slow afternoon, he's laying in bed watching baseball. 

 "I really got to get going" is one of my most used lines. I feel like I say it 23 times a day. But on Sundays, time seems to slow down, the hours are longer, we move slower and naps are more common. Because its just the first lap of seven and you need to give your engine time to warm up before reaching top speed. 

I'm going to nap now. Happy Sunday. 


Kalin SheickComment