on moving & marriage.

A LOT of big things have happened for me since I last shared on here. We got married, we bought a house, we we we all the way home. 

The wedding was perfect. Maybe once day I'll have the emotional capacity to properly express to you how it made me feel, but all that stuff you hear about your wedding day? The "best day of your life" and the "happiest moment" stuff... it's true. It's all true. I made a promise to myself to be present and fully 'live' every moment that entire weekend. I fulfilled that promise. The three days of what felt like a dream, ended with the two of us driving 3 hours to a B&B. It rained every day we were there and all we did was order pizza, drink wine and watch movies. The perfect honeymoon. 

When arrived home and 5 days later had put in an offer on a house. It happened really fast, way faster than we both ever imagined, but I suppose that's how life works these days. It was too good to pass up, the hardwood floors, the built in's, the re-done kitchen, the light fixtures from 1946. So, 6 weeks later I was crying into boxes about leaving the farm and we were on our way. 

We only moved 7 miles away. But something about leaving the place that I had started my Cadillac life in seemed to stick with me. I was oddly nostalgic about snowy days in 2011 sitting alone in my little rented farmhouse, cuddled under a blanket, not knowing what the world had in store. 

The move went flawlessly. Of course, as per my crazy personality I was immediately upset that within 36 hours of dropping off the moving trailer our house didn't look like a page from the latest West Elm catalog. Instead, it was two couches and a whole lot of boxes. But 3 weeks later things are coming along. Maybe a house tour one day, maybe. 

And so the band marches on, I'm still working mornings, and still trying to figure it all out. Of all the things this new house has given me, the large kitchen and counter space has be back in the kitchen like Julia 2.0, I've also been working on my 'loneliness' issues. Wow, so many posts to get to thanks to everything I've hinted at in here. 

Until then,

Stay balanced friends. 



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