on flowers & figuring it out.

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending my first of three days at the Open Book Floral Study. It is a school run by Jennifer Haf of Bloom Floral Design

Even taking the step to enroll was hard for me. Investing in yourself can be the hardest decision, I could think of a million other things that I needed to be investing in, our home, my savings account, our yard this spring, puppy obedience classes... the list is never ending but something in my heart knew that Open Book needed to happen. 

I cannot even begin to explain what this did for my soul. Not only were my skills absolutely sharpened, expanded & critiqued, but I was given the ability to exercise my favorite muscle - our creative one. 

As creatives, we need to be constantly redefining ourselves, leaning something new, or exploring uncharted territory. The best part about yesterday wasn't the buckets and buckets of gorgeous stems, or the world class mentor I've found in Jennifer, it was the ability to create without judgement. No one cared that I'm not a florist by trade, or that I have a Journalism degree or that I can barely keep a vegetable garden alive.

Instead it was a space filled with french music, garden roses, endless cups of coffee & the gift to create freely. Nothing was off limits. European hand tied bouquets, small urn arrangements, monochromatic Valentine's Day creations, oddly shaped creations with olive branches twisting towards the sun and ranunculus finding the perfect spot. I felt alive. 

When I came home M commented it was the happiest he has seen me in a long time. I was floating. He intently listened to me recount the entire day, detail by detail, he encouraged me, he asked questions, we ate pizza, it was awesome. ((Momentary pause of appreciation for amazing husband who supports my crazy dreams.)) 

I feel endless gratitude towards Jennifer, who is mentoring me on a journey that is just beginning. The end destination unknown, but sometimes those are the best ones. 

I'm ecstatic for my pop-up shop this weekend on Valentine's Day, and cannot wait to design for an event in New Orleans later this month. Whatever road stems can take me on, I am a willing passenger. 

I'll leave you with a few photos, the flower journey is just beginning friends! Flower on! 

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