on 2015.

I'm not here to apologize (again) for not writing regularly, because one of my things on my "2015 List" is to stop apologizing so much. Now that my passive aggressive half-apology is out of the way let's begin. 

Hello! Happy New Year! We are 7 days along on another trip around the sun. I'm a bit delayed getting into the swing of things, we were lucky enough to spend 10 days in Hawaii over the holidays and just today I am back at things like, grocery shopping, laundry & looking ahead on the calendar. 

Maui was a dream, the perfect place to escape reality and just RELAX. And oh boy did I ever relax. People, it was insane, almost embarrassing. I lived in a bathing suit cover up, ate my weight in fresh fish and fruit & drank fruity cocktails with reckless abandon. I didn't think about work, or the future, or what I was even going to do the following afternoon. The only 'in the future' thoughts were during a conversation with M one night about us moving to Maui to start an organic farm, raise alpacas and live in Paia. The thought is still on the table. 

What healed the soul the most on this trip was the time spent with family. The six of us together + ample amount of time, is my favorite equation. It always equals fun. By day 5 my sister was telling me to leave, and my parents were questioning if I EVER STOP TALKING but aside from that, I believe everyone enjoyed themselves. 

What this trip did best was allow me to clear my head, and focus on the year ahead. I love goals, I think its the all-girls-catholic-highschool-retreat attendee in me. I never tire of reading people's New Year's resolutions. I LOVE making them and breaking them. One year I honestly thought I was going to put 800 miles on my road bike. Um, okay. But last year I made the commitment to get healthy, and guess what? I did it. One year I said my resolution was to 'stop buying things I don't need.' Well, I can count 13 houseplants from where I sit right now. So we make lists, and some of the things on them we keep, and some we 'just so happen' to forget about. We're humans.

I firmly believe in accountability, thats why I am sharing my list for the New Year, because once you put something out there on the inter webs, its out there. Yeah yeah, I know, enough- just get to the list. 

2015 goals: 

-MORE SNAIL MAIL: I am the world's biggest fan of Snail Mail, but my 2014 skills were seriously lacking. Maybe it was the wedding, the move or just laziness. But I need to send more this year. I always hit it out of the park with Valentine's Day and summer solstice but I need to get better at 'just because.' (This includes Snail Mail via the kitchen counter to M. Sometimes the person who needs a note the most is the one you share a bed with every night.) 

-LESS CAFFEINE: Meh. I hate this one. But I really do need to slow down. Plus, we just found out our Keurig got recalled because it's burning people.... universe? is that you? 

-MORE WRITING: Read this here, I commit to posting on this blog once a week for an entire year. (I really regret writing that now.) ((I really want to hit delete.)) (((move along.))) 

-MORE ENTERTAINING: We entertained a bit this year, but there is always room for more parties, get togethers and random nights around the table with wine & candles. Nothing makes my heart happier than hosting. Seriously, the squeal I let out when I set our Christmas Eve table was embarrassing.

-LESS SELF DOUBT: Since when did self-doubt become a thing in my life?  "It'll never work." "I can't do that." "My downward dog sucks." "There is no way I will be able to make it happen." Ain't nobody got time for that.

-MORE FLOWERS: No explanation needed.

-MORE TIME SPENT INSPIRING/TEACHING: I'm not sure how I inspire people. And the list of things I am qualified to teach is semi-pathetic but I'm putting it out to the universe. This year, I want to teach and I want to inspire, and however the heck that happens.. so be it.

There is it, it's out there. At this point the only person still reading is probably my mom (Hi mom!) but if you've made it this far, thanks! I'm looking forward to a year that is full of growth, fun, new skills & a lot of writing. 




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