on 2016.

This past year I vowed to create recklessly. And I did just that. 

In the fall, I spent a week in Italy writing alongside some of the greatest women I've ever met, and I left there with a new found love of one simple saying, no disclaimers. 

Whenever one of us would prepare to share our writing in the group, all of us would start with a list of disclaimers, "this isn't really finished" "this story is something I'm nervous to share" "want to let everyone know that I just tossed this together its pretty bad" "I apologize for the language in this..."  until one day during our meeting, we set up the 'no disclaimers' rule. "JUST OWN IT" I remember my friend Regina telling all of us. "Own every part of it, the good, the bad, the unfinished and the ugly."

I challenge you to see how many disclaimers you make in your day. How many times you deny yourself the amazing ability we all have that is total freedom. How many moments you spend explaining yourself and your decisions. How much energy you waste apologizing for things that don't warrant apologies. 

It's insane. And I'm over it. I've officially adopted 'no disclaimers' as my 2016 mantra. 

I plan on putting this into action in every aspect of my life.

The business- I need to stop beating myself up before I even spring into action. Every workshop scholarship I apply for, when I hit send, I explain to Matt that "the chances are so small I'll get it because so many of these girls are way more talented than me." WHAT?! Ew!!! Even typing that makes me mad. WHY does this happen?? I'm talented, and have just as good of a shot as the rest of them. 

The farm. I've already caught myself explaining to people that 'keep your expectations low, we have a lot of work to do, it'll be so awesome once we get the work done.' EW AGAIN. Why am I making this disclaimers? Because it makes me feel safer. It is a verbal shield from the vulnerability. Because my friends, putting yourself all out there, 100% completely and totally authentically, organically out there- is some scary stuff. 

My style. Stems & Sprigs attracts brides who have a certain style. A style that is natural, elegant & doesn't feel forced. Brides who know what they like and don't like. And when they come to us, sharing their amazing love stories & hiring us to be a part of this incredibly special process I owe them zero disclaimers. I owe them the absolute best we can give them, and then some. And although that is what we've done from day one. I'm even more empowered this year to be better. To study more. Read more. Learn more. Try new things, and not be afraid. No disclaimers when it comes to things- because I am confident we can make it happen in a beautiful way. 

And so in 2016 I wish for you no disclaimers. I want you to do exactly what you want, and not need to justify or apologize for it. To be brave and do the scary thing. And to be scared when you do it, and still go for it. To take the trip, change the job, buy the old rusty camper or make the intimidating roast for Sunday dinner. To do the things the voice inside tells us not to, the voice inside tells us we won't succeed at, and then when you do them- proudly show it off, live it in every fiber of your being, yell it from the mountaintops and do it all.... with no disclaimers. 

Happy New Year.


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