on support.

I absolutely cannot believe we are coming up on a year of being in business. It feels like Matt and I just decided over breakfast and coffee in the back corner booth of our favorite spot that we would pull a modest amount from our savings to start the business. 

And yet, I look back at this year, with a schedule full of weddings and styled shoots and private orders and mistakes and accomplishments and lessons learned, and I can't imagine not having done it. But I almost didn't. 

You need support. And I'm lucky enough to have some incredible support all around me. To me, starting a small business is sort of like walking through a crowded room in your underwear. Everyone knows what underwear is, and they've seen it- but for some reason, you feel so exposed. So so so very vulnerable. And  its in that vulnerability, and in those scary moments- when your support keeps you going. Because oh my friends, it would be so easy to quit. 

For the better part of 6 months, I've been trying to write this post about support. But recently,  a couple young ladies came to me for business advice. They too, have passions and desires that keep them up late at night dreaming and scheming and wanted to know what they should do next, and I almost always answer: if you have support from someone you love, you're good to go. And so, like most of my blog posts, one that had been perfectly planned in my head or nicely put together in the draft column, was instantly deleted and this is rather a conscious stream of thought. 

I don't care if its your grandma, or your neighbor, or your mom, or your husband, or your wife, or your best friend who lives in a different country, or the nice man who gets your coffee each morning. When you have authentic, real, loving support- it makes all the difference. 

You get double triple bonus points if one of the people who gives you authentic honest support is a mentor in the same business who also becomes one of your closest  friends. Jennifer Haf, I'm looking at you. 

Regardless of who it is, go thank them today. If you don't own a business, chances are you're doing something in your life that isn't easy. Maybe going to work everyday is a challenge that requires mental and emotional strength, give the person who you vent to on the phone a thank you today. Maybe just getting out of bed in the morning, isn't easy. Thank the person, or the pet, or the spirit that helps you put your feet on the floor. 

I'd sound like I was accepting an Oscar (which is a speech I actually used to practice) if I started thanking those that support me in this dream. To keep it simple, its my hilarious family, my friends who act like I'm the best floral designer on the planet, the couples that trust me with their big day, and most of all- my amazing husband. Matt, thanks for believing in this flower filled journey & thanks for supporting me most on the days I just want to quit. 

Whoever your support staff is, give them the support today. 




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