on birch trees.

Anyone who knows me is well aware I have a bit of a fascination with trees. My favorite, are birch trees.

Fun fact: Birch trees are holy in many cultures, I read recently that Birch trees symbolize growth, renewal, stability and adaptability. 

Matt and I married underneath the shade of one in my parents yard, it was absolutely the perfect spot. And I KNEW our first home together was the one for us when we pulled in the driveway and it had the most amazing birch tree in the front yard. 

This winter I felt like punching someone when the plow driver from the city almost ALMOST hit the tree. He instead took out an entire section of our lawn but I remember how pissed I was that I watched him on a cold, snowy, jet black morning nearly get her.

After a while in the neighborhood we began to notice that this was the only birch tree on our street. We are surrounded on this idyllic downtown Americana street by mature maples. But one day, when Matt was mowing the yard a car pulled up to the house. 

The two grown men inside had lived here when they were younger. Matt had a 10 minute chat with them about the house, and then they simple asked 'so do you like the birch tree?' 

It's here that I want to believe that Matt responded with something like "my wife has a fascination with birch trees and took it as a 'sign from the universe' we should buy this house when we pulled up and she's the most beautiful woman you'll ever see, look here's a photo- smoking hot." But instead I'm sure he nodded politely and said 'yeah it's great!' 

The guys told Matt about how while they were growing up in the house, their dad always drove by a birch tree he loved on the highway & wanted a birch tree at the house. So one night he went out to the side of the highway, uprooted a 20 foot tall birch tree, drove it back to Lincoln Street sticking out the bed of a pickup truck & in the cloak of night, planted it in his front yard. 

"You're kidding me" I said into my wine glass. "No. I'm dead serious. The guys planted it in the middle of the night in the 70's its so bizarre." 

As the seasons change here in Michigan that same birch tree from the side of the highway, is putting on her best show of the year. Her ashen white bark is ablaze up top with golden yellow leaves. They are a nightmare to rake but I don't care, I love this tree so much. When I work from our dining room table I can look out the window and see her. I am so happy that Mr. Whateverhisnameis decided he couldn't live without this tree in his yard.

There will be other birch trees, and eventually other houses and who knows if they'll go hand in hand, but one thing is for sure- the peace of mind a tree can provide is a real treat. So as fall quickly fades (we had snow here this weekend!) head outside, look up & enjoy. 


Not bad for a 'side of the highway' find! 

Not bad for a 'side of the highway' find! 

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