Kalin, Matt & Maple,  circa 2017

Kalin, Matt & Maple, circa 2017


It all started when…

It's a really cute story and also semi hilarious. We met working at a summer camp in Montague, Michigan in June of 2007. 

Matt thought Kalin was a "sorta annoying blonde girl" and Kalin thought Matt was "kind of an asshole but really nice looking". 

The rest of sorta history but here's a brief look at it all:

  • We married in 2014 in Kalin's parents backyard on Walloon Lake.
  • We bought the farm in December of 2015 and moved from Cadillac, MI up to our favorite place, Petoskey. 
  • 3,000 lavender plants went in the ground in June of 2016 with the help of more than 60 of our friends and family! 
  • Matt manages the "landscaping" side of things, he's the reason this place looks so nice! 
  • Kalin comes up with crazy ideas that get people to come to this farm.
  • In June of 2017 while Matt was on a roadtrip with Maple, Kalin bought the tiny house.
  • Since signing on the dotted line we've hosted more than 30 events at the farm, with more than 700 people visiting us to make a memory. 

When we aren't sweating and working outside, or designing flowers in the studio, you can find us binge watching Netflix (looking at you winter), drinking good red wine, making each other laugh and escaping to Florida in the cold months. 

Thanks for being here. We cannot wait to meet you.  

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